CA201: Color Managed Workflows (2 Days)

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Academy ACES introduced an easy way to work at the highest quality and transform from one large color space to any other. We now have tools to transform from a source to a timeline color space and from there to a display device, making HDR and multiple deliverables much more efficient and creating a great archival format. Color Managed Workflows are commonly used by high end facilities and are heavily recommended by Netflix. They are especially important for VFX heavy projects. Find out more and stay ahead.

In this class you will learn about the advantages of color management and the difference between scene referred and display referred workflows. You will explore ACES and RCM. You will learn when and how to use both for better quality results and easier trims for different deliverables. Even if you only create rec 709 now, you can still benefit from color management and scene referred workflows.

Ideal for colorists and all industry professionals that work with multiple camera projects, or need to communicate the artistic intent throughout production and post production. The course covers ACES, Color Managed Workflows, Scene referred and Output referred workflows, High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut.


You Will Learn

  • Academy ACES benefits

  • Academy ACES project settings

  • Scene referred and Output referred approaches

  • Resolve Color Management

  • Color spaces

  • EOTFs

  • Transforms and LUTs

  • Managing Looks through Post Production

  • Delivering multiple formats

  • Cinema and VOD workflows

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All students on this course receive an ICA Certificate.