CT102: Colorist Strategies

London: tba
New York: 13-15 November 2017

This is the foundation for all other classes and is designed for industry professionals, assistant colorists and newer colorists. It covers basic colorist theory and a detailed look at color tools. It also suggests grading strategies, and session management techniques. There is at least one grading system* to demonstrate and practice on, but the course content is not system specific and is useful for using and comparing all grading systems. Laptop systems are welcome in the class. Participants are encouraged to bring frames or clips to discuss during the class. 
*usually FilmMaster and Resolve systems are installed

The first day covers colorist theories and explains the physical, psychological and cultural aspects of seeing. This leads to an understanding of how influential visual clues are in audience reaction and emotion. (The first part is also offered as a one day class: Color Theory with Kevin) The course then examines the film, video and graphics color tools that are available and how, when and why they might be used. We also cover best practices for colorist workflows and session management. (The second part is also offered as a one day class: Colorist Tools with Kevin)

This course can be followed by Popular Looks with Kevin or Advanced Color Design for those that wish to take a longer course