CT201: Advanced Looks and Matching Class (2 Days)

Taipei      Singapore      LA      NY      Chicago

This is a hands-on operational masterclass for working colorists and freelancers. The goal is to achieve new looks from old techniques.We look at grading styles and looks that are frequently requested and discuss how to achieve them, along with the cultural meanings or concepts they impart to a project. This course is an ideal follow up to Colorist Strategies or other intermediate classes but is open to any colorist with hands on experience. The class is valid for all grading systems.

The workshop begins with a presentation of standard looks from a historical perspective. It then quickly moves into practical examples and experiments. Each participant can approach the course with their own ideas and objectives and everyone is encouraged to bring their own media to use in addition to the course media. This course is an exciting meeting of like-minded colorists and an opportunity to practice and try new ideas without the pressure of a client in attendance. Take advantage of this is a rare opportunity to sit together with other colorists to bounce problems and experiences around.

This class is usually taken after CT102: Colorist Strategies.


You Will Learn

  • What makes a “Look” iconic
  • The difference between a “Look” and a “Style”
  • Cinematic uses of color and contrast
  • How to analyze and reproduce reference looks
  • The best tools for black and white
  • How digital tools can imitate a chemical bleach bypass
  • When to use color washes and color casts
  • Different ways to handle day for night and time of day grades
  • How to manage isolation effects
  • How to have happy accidents!



All students on this course receive an ICA Certificate.