RG105: Resolve Color Matrix (2 Days)

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This class is ideal for all Resolve users - you do not need to be a colorist to attend. We welcome directors, DPs, editors, DITs, VFX colorists, and anybody that needs to balance, match and creatively grade images. Everyone gets plenty of hands on practice and guidance.


Explore all the Resolve grading tools. Learn all the tricks to balance pictures better and quicker. Understand the effects of long grading sessions, how to trust your eyes and how to manage color constancy. Then improve your matching techniques, including simplifying and condensing a grade or look. The goal is not just efficiency but also the highest quality, eliminating muddy grades. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own ungraded media to use in addition to the course media.

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You Will Learn

  • All the Resolve grading tools
  • Technical balancing
  • How to deal with raw, log and corrected sources
  • Creative balancing
  • Working with color constancy
  • Making the most of your control surface
  • How to use parades, vectorscopes and histograms
  • Tricks for matching
  • Different tools for different jobs
  • Understanding color processing order
  • Color managed workflows



All students on this course receive an ICA Certificate.