RG203: Resolve Advanced PowerGrade Looks And Macros (1 Day)

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Participants explore how to make efficient macros, technical tools for analysis, pre-sets and complete looks that are usable over and over again. A collection of .drx grades and test patterns from the class is given out at the end of the course. Anyone that is not making regular use of PowerGrade needs to take this class!

This is a hands-on level 2 practical masterclass for Resolve users, but colorists from other systems are also welcome. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own ungraded media to use in addition to the course media.

PowerGrade was introduced as a learning aid, a powerful macro tool, and as a useful client management feature. Colorists taking this class will create PowerGrades that save time and improve creativity.


You Will Learn

  • The difference between the Still Store and PowerGrade
  • How to save time with PowerGrade
  • PowerGrade as a decision maker
  • How to import and export PowerGrades
  • Useful PowerGrade macros
  • How to make calibrated Iconic Looks
  • How to use system reference stills
  • How to organise PowerGrade libraries
  • How to manage PowerGrade nodes
  • Using Compound nodes to simplify complex grades
  • Popular Looks to have at hand



All students on this course receive an ICA Certificate.