RG304: Resolve Skin Tone And Digital Makeup Masterclass (2 Days)

London      Singapore      LA      NY      Chicago

Learn to manipulate skin tones for beauty and drama. Practice grades that make skin younger and older. Compare the ideal skin tone in different cultures. Skin is the focus of so many images it must be right.

This is a hands-on level 2 practical masterclass for Resolve users, but colorists from other systems are also welcome. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own ungraded media to use in addition to the course media.


You Will Learn

  • Commercial skin tones
  • Aging in the grade
  • Shiny hair
  • The lipstick effect
  • Shaping faces
  • Feature enhancement
  • Blending highlights
  • Color constancy
  • Masculine and feminine grades
  • Perfect skin in different cultures
  • Natural and false skin color
  • Managing make-up and blemishes



All students on this course receive an ICA Certificate.