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9 March, 2013

Kevin Shaw CV (pdf)
On Site Training (pdf)
——Film Master 2011.1 Notes (mono)
——Film Master 3.0 Notes
——Custom Curves 2K
——Powergrade 2K Plus
——Powergrade 2K
Wallpaper 1920 x 1200



Colors that Fade
The Beauty of ACES
Color Management
Hitting The Wall
Adopting New Technology
Popular Looks
Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a colorist
Layer It! - All about layers
One Light to Final Grade
The Need For Speed
Software Color Correction
Bleach Bypass
Defocus Soft Skin
Toolbox Reflections
Toolbox Day for Night (pdf)
Toolbox Film Effects (pdf)
Color Restoration (pdf)
What Is Color?
When to Color (pdf)
Data or Video? (pdf)
History for Colorists
da Vinci 2K History
Colorist Glossary
Book List

Gallery One
Gallery Two
Gallery Three
Showreel (small)
Showreel (medium)
Showreel (large)
New Showreel (large mpeg)

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