Professional Colorist Training

Kevin has been training colorists and post-production professionals since 1990. He started the daVinci Academy for daVinci systems (1998) and the independent International Colorist Academy (2009). Kevin has also written and delivered training for Kodak, Intel, Dolby, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), National Film Board of Canada (NFBC), London Film School, National Film and Television School (NFTS), German Film and Television Academy (DFFB), Baltic Film and Media School, BBC,  Sky, Playground Games, Digital Vision, Abelcine and others. He is an ACES mentor and a Dolby Vision certified instructor.

 2018 Class Schedule

Venue                      Dates                  Course Title                                                     Price      Registration


Jigsaw                         Jan 29-30, 2018.   RG105: Resolve Color Matrix - 2 days                 £720.    Register online SALE
248 Golden Square, 
London W1F 9HY.        Jan 31, 2018.         RG202: Resolve Advanced Curve Tools - 1 day £396.    Register online  SALE

                                    Feb  1, 2018.          RG203: Resolve PowerGrade/ Looks - 1 day      £396.    Register online  SALE

                                    Feb  2, 2018.         RG304: Resolve Skin Tone Masterclass - 1 day  £396.    Register online SALE

In London there is a discount of £65 when you book 2 classes, £120 for 3 classes and £240 if you take all 4 classes in the week. Multi class discounts apply on top of the sale price!


DFFB/Up.Grade          Jan 13-14, 2018      CA301: HDR Color Masterclass2 days            £720.      SOLD OUT
Chausseestr. 56
10115 Berlin, Germany                  




Red Room.                   Feb 26-27, 2018.     CT102 : Colorist Strategies                               NT$23,623   Register online
No. 177, Sec. 1, 
Jianguo S. Rd               Feb 28-Mar 1, 2018 CT201 : Advanced Looks and Matching          NT$23,623   Register online
Taipei, Taiwan                   
                                     Mar 2-3, 2018.         CA301: HDR Color Masterclass - 2 days         NT$23,623   Register online



Abelcine                      Mar 20-21, 2018     CT301: Color Design Masterclass*                     $1095         Register online
Los Angeles
                                     Mar 22-23, 2018    CA301: HDR Color Masterclass*                         $1095         Register online


Abelcine                      Mar 26-27, 2018     RG105: Resolve Color Matrix                              $1095         Register online
New York
                                     Mar 28, 2018          RG202: Resolve Advanced Curve Tools            $ 549         Register online

                                      Mar 29-30, 2018.   RG304: Resolve Skin Tones +                             $1095.        Register online



Abelcine                      Apr 2-3, 2018        RG105: Resolve Color Matrix                              $1095         Register online
                                     Apr 4, 2018            RG202: Resolve Advanced Curve Tools            $ 549         Register online

                                      Apr 5, 2018           RG203: Resolve Advanced PowerGrade         
                                                                    Looks and Macros                                   
           $ 549.         Register online


  * These classes are recognized by the Motion Picture Editors Guild and their members are eligible to get two thirds of the cost of the class reimbursed through Contract Services. More information at  You must apply to them and be pre-approved in order to qualify for reimbursement.