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Updated 31 December, 2013

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Email: kevs@finalcolor.com

Anyone interested in Photography? I have started adding some of my stills to the Digital Photography Gallery

Welcome to 2014!

Time to look forward to a New Year, and to reflect on the last. I have just updated History for Colorists with some old and some new dates in part as a result of a new project I am working on. Sadly 2013 saw the end of Fuji film stock and many countries, many regions no longer have any film labs within easy reach. Film is not dead, but it is very much an expensive minority medium now. On the upside we are seeing continued improvements in Academy Color Encoding System (ACES), and I am currently working on an experimental documentary in Korea that uses an ACES workflow with many different sources (film and digital) to document the closure of the last film lab in Korea. ACES is for me the real next generation of our film history. Watch out for more information and experiences of ACES as the project gets completed. An earlier paper on ACES basics is linked here.

And dont forget to download the latest Colorist Glossary - now with over 600 terms and including DCI, storage and data terms.

I will be running more ICA training classes again soon and am planning to introduce a couple of new titles this year. Most of my classes are suitable for colorists of any geading system. Details of classes can be found on the new ICA web site at icolorist.com

Happy Coloring!

I am available as a freelance colorist for

  • Digital Vision Film Master

In addition to working as a colorist, I am a co founder of The International Colorist Academy and provide training for

Colorist workflows and strategies
Display Calibration and Emulation

Digital Vision Film Master
da Vinci 2K Plus and other da Vinci products
Spirit 4K and other Thomson products

I have also written articles, white papers and manuals, many of which are available from the COLOR pages

Check out my showreel (mpg) View... (18Mb)


Contact Kevin

Kevin Shaw

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Freelance colorist Kevin Shaw, is offering his services through Finalcolor Ltd.

Some of the skills Kevin offers are colorist, instructor, demonstrator, presenter, writer, and consultant for suite design or project development. He is an experienced telecine, video and digital intermediate colorist.

Kevin is a founder member of The International Colorist Academy (ICA) and was the first Director of Training at da Vinci systems. He continues to work as a freelance colorist all over the world, and has been grading for 25 years!

International Colorist Academy Instructor

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